Firefox 7 Browser Arrives

Written by Ardent Editor on September 30, 2011 – 10:43 am -

Mozilla has recently announced the launch of its Firefox 7 Web browser. It has been made available for download in the Mozilla site this week. There are versions now available for Windows, Mac, Linux as well as Android. It boasts of certain performance improvements this time, this time focusing on speed and its memory cache.

One of the recent improvements being put in the forefront of the new Firefox 7 browser is based on its faster performance and smaller memory footprint. These features have recently been addressed and improved on the previous beta version of the browser and refined on the new Firefox 7. other areas that Mozilla cited on the Firefox 7 include performance improvements on various areas such as when the browser is kept open for long periods of time or when multiple tabs are being opened at once.

Another new feature that Mozilla is bringing along with Firefox 7 is Telemetry. More than a main feature for the browser, it will instead provide a new anonymous reporting feature for the browser that will keep Mozilla informed on how their browser is working in the real world and how further improvements can be made. Upon downloading the new Firefox 7 browser, users will be prompted if they wish to opt in to Telemetry, making users more aware of the feature and leaving the decision to them, quite unlike what other tech companies may be doing right now.

Other improvements for the Firefox 7 browser includes better support for future developments such as in the field of HTML5. The new browser now includes the new version of Canvas that allows for faster HTML5 games and animations. The Firefox 7 is now available at the Mozilla site for free download.


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