Smozzy Beta App For Free Web Surfing On Android

Written by Ardent Editor on October 7, 2011 – 12:34 pm -

There are people who just seem to come up with the cash just to have that new nifty smartphone when one comes out. But that does not usually mean that such people don’t yearn for the freebies. After all, those free apps for smartphones are still quite popular as ever. But what if that free app can allow smartphone users to enjoy more freebies such as some bit of free mobile Web surfing. That is what the Smozzy Beta App is offering Android smartphone users.

The main feature of the Smozzy Beta app is to provide Android phone users with a means to surf the Web for free. But the take here is that it might not apply for all the different networks. This app only seems to work for T-Mobile subscribers with an unlimited SMS plan. The app works within the phone’s Web browser but uses the SMS and MMS signal feature of the T-Mobile phone network to deliver Web content on the Android smartphone.

The only thing that might be an issue for those using this app is that it may take awhile to load those Web pages, considering that it is using text messages to deliver the content. But it would certainly be quite a back up if ever one goes into an area with limited 3G coverage or when the T-Mobile data plan has topped up. No user would complain at the opportunity to still surf the Web (even at a snail’s pace) when under such circumstances, considering that it is for free. The Smozzy Beta app is available at the Android Market for free and is tested to work only for T-Mobile subscribers with unlimited messaging plans. And at its beta stage the app has so far only been tested to work with Nexus S and HTC G2 devices.

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