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With smartphones becoming more and more the device of choice for people to go online, the need for ways to multitask will also be increasing. While most of the newest Android smartphone features today are powerful enough to use different app at the same time, it is unfortunate that the means may be limited. There seems to be a problem for Android users to try running another app while still using the first one. This important issue can be resolved with the SwipePad App for Android phones.

The SwipePad App allows Android users the means to make use of multiple apps on their smartphone. It eliminates the need to close one app before using another on their smartphone. The SwipePad can launch anything from within a running app at a simple swipe. A pre-set swipe setup towards the center of the screen will lead to a new pad emerging. This pad can hold shortcuts to other apps, bookmarks or even contacts where they can be launched from.

Even while another app is launched, the app under the SwipePad keeps on running. This gives Android smartphone users that bit of multitasking feature that they might be looking for. The SwipePad App is available for free download at the Android Market although other add-ons for the app will come at a cost for users.

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