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With smartphones today increasingly being used to go online more than just for calls, being in a WiFi hotspot always seems to be necessary. Whether it is a paid or free public WiFi hotspot, having this information on hand seems to become more and more valuable for smart phone owners who often go online while on the go. The WiFi Finder Android App can be a very valuable tool to use for those who need to always be within WiFi range all the time.

The WiFi Finder Android App that can provide users with the means to know about the WiFi hotspots available in his or her area. This becomes an important tool for frequent travelers and who may not have a good idea where the available WiFi hotspots are. The WiFi Finder comes with both an online and offline directory of over 500,000 WiFi hotspot locations in over 144 countries. The directory consists of user submitted info of local hotspot locations that is sent to a central WiFi finder server. This information is then relayed to those using the app.

When the app user is already online, the WiFi Finder can provide information about other possible hotspots in the vicinity, the information displayed in an easy to understand map. In its offline feature, the app can be used to find known WiFi hotspots all over the world by their zip codes and even by individual towns. The app will provide the name and address of a nearby local hotspot, thanks to its offline directory that needs to be downloaded after the app is installed. This app is a good addition to any Android smartphone with WiFi capability. It is available for free download at the Android Market.

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