Iris Alpha For Android, That’s Siri In Reverse

Written by Ardent Editor on October 21, 2011 – 2:50 pm -

It seems that smartphones are being designed now to respond better to user’s input. What better way to do it than to give the smartphone a human voice (well, at least close to it)?  And that’s what Siri for the iPhone 4S may be able to do. But lo and behold, there’s also one available for Android smartphones and it is called iris.

Well, it does not need that much thought to notice that iris is Siri just spelled backwards. You would immediately guess what this app is trying to emulate up to a certain point. And yes, you’d be right to say that it closely functions what Siri does for the iPhone 4S up to a certain level.

The iris Android app is still at its alpha stage and was developed by the people at Dexetra in just about 8 hours. But at this early stage, the iris already features a good mind of its own as it can answer questions voiced to it by the smartphone owner. It readily gives out the answers right for the most part, but at times may fail to do so especially if it concerns math. But in its alpha stage, it does seem to look promising, considering that it has only been developed in a span of 8 hours.

Currently, iris is limited to answering people’s questions. It is still not able to accomplish certain voice commands to accomplish certain smartphone functions. And it does dole out those answers with some dose of humor, which adds to the fun element. Many improvements will surely be made by its developers by the time its reaches beta stage. For those who wish to try out this voice recognition app, it can now be downloaded at the Android Market for free.


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