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Written by Ardent Editor on November 4, 2011 – 2:08 pm -

Having a fast and efficient PC is not just dependent on its features and specs. Its performance can also be affected by how updated its software and device drivers may be. Computers come with quite a number of devices that are connected to it. Each one has their own device drivers that run them. Sometimes, these drivers may have updated versions available to make them run better. But how would you know when these drivers may require updating? The Driver Magician can help you with this task.

A single computer may come with hardware made by many other companies. There’s the camera, the motherboard, the graphics card, scanner and many other devices on a PC that may require an updated driver to run smoothly. One way to get driver updates to these devices is by checking out each of the device maker’s websites for the updates, which can be quite time consuming and a hassle. The Driver Magician software can help make the task easier for you.

Driver Magician is a utility software that will check to see if the device drivers in your PC are updated. It checks the hardware drivers inside your PC and then compares it with the latest driver versions that it gets from the Web. It can tell you what hardware drivers in your system are considered out of date.

The Driver Magician is available as a free download as well as a paid version. The free version can only provide you with the list of device drivers that may be out of date in your system. The paid version, which can cost you US$30 for a license fee, will download the updated drivers for you by getting them from device manufacturer’s websites. You can then install them individually later on. You can check this driver utility software at the Driver Magician website to know more about it.


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