Shoebox iPhone App

Written by Ardent Editor on November 4, 2011 – 2:08 pm -

There can be more than a thousand apps now available for the Apple iPhone, but quite a lot of them might not be considered that useful. Some apps may be considered just a passing fancy which can lose their appeal over time. But then there are also quite a few that provide a genuine function that can be considered as useful. One such example would be the Shoebox iPhone app.

The Shoebox iPhone app is a handy tool that enables you to digitize those old photos in a very convenient way. You may have piles of old photos at home that you wish to share with friends and family members located far away. The most convenient way to share them is by putting them up online for other people to access. But first, you may need to digitize them in order to put them online. The Shoebox iPhone app allows you to digitize these pictures using the camera of your iPhone.

The Shoebox app allows you to take a photo of an old photo to easily digitize it. The app also comes with a cropping tool to allow you to adjust it to the picture that you want to share. The app also allows you to add captions to pictures as well as tag people who are part of the photo. The app comes with edge detection and perspective correction features to make sure that the scanned photos come out beautifully. The Shoebox iPhone app was developed by 1000Memories and is available for free download at iTunes.


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