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Written by Ardent Editor on December 9, 2011 – 11:39 am -

With people using more and more portable devices to go online wherever they are, having the means to stay connected is important. But unfortunately, not all of such devices can always have that Internet connection in the absence of a WiFi hotspot or even a wired connection. But if you have a smartphone that supports tethering, then you can have the means to connect your other devices to it for going online. For this, you might need an app like the Easy Tether.

The Easy Tether app allows you to make your mobile phone into a convenient Internet access point for your PC or laptop using the phone’s 3G or 4G Internet connection. This can be pretty useful in areas where you can’t find a WiFi hotspot to go online. You can use your phone’s Internet service to be channeled to your laptop or PC using the Easy Tether app.

Downloading Easy Tether on your smartphone allows you to tether it to your other devices to go online. What makes this app more convenient to use is that it does not require rooting into your smartphone. Other tethering apps require smartphone owners to download it into the phones system, which can sometimes affect the phone in one way or another. With Easy Tether, there’s no need for rooting.

Once Easy Tether has been downloaded into your smartphone, you may also be required to download a type of software into the devices that you wish to use tethering with. You can then connect your smartphone to a laptop of PC via a USB cable and you can channel the phone’s Internet connection into the device. The Easy Tether app is available at the Android Market for download to your Android phone for US$10.


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