Google Currents App for Android, iOS

Written by Ardent Editor on December 9, 2011 – 11:33 am -

Google is more known is search but is slowly getting its hands on other markets as well. With its Android OS, it has been able to enter into the mobile phone market and take its share in all the other business opportunities it offers. And now, even Google is developing its own apps that can be used for a variety of ways. One of their recent ones is the Google Currents app for iOS and Android phones and devices.

The Google Currents app allows users to receive magazine quality reading content on their tablets and smartphones. It collects and transforms web content into a magazine like layout that fits into a smartphone or tablet, making it easier and more engaging to read. Users can choose what content it wants by selecting from several publishers and sites. Users can also choose to include blogs and feeds into its reading choices.

Google Currents also creates hourly web content into magazine editions based on what’s trending online using Google search technology. The app tracks the top five trending stories online using categories like world news, sports science, entertainment and more. Stories are presented in updated editions of articles, videos and pictures, just like what one would expect when reading a magazine.

What’s even cooler is that Google Currents content are available to the users even for offline reading. The form and fit of each layout automatically self-adapts to the different screen sizes of smartphone and tablets. Subscriptions to chosen content can also be synchronized across different devices. The app works well on Android as well as iOS devices. Google Currents is available for free download at both the Android Market and iTunes.


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