Ask Ziggy- Window’s Phone Answer To Siri

Written by Ardent Editor on January 6, 2012 – 8:48 pm -

Siri has become a popular feature for the new Apple iPhone 4S. This voice activated personal assistant gives the iPhone some interesting features. And it has become so popular that other smartphone makers are scrambling up to provide similar features to their own smartphone models. And for those who own a Window’s Phone there’s the Ask Ziggy app.

You can say that the Ask Ziggy app for the Windows Phone is closely similar to the iPhone’s Siri. In fact, it is actually like Siri in most aspects. It is a personal assistant that smartphone users can command using their voice to accomplish a number of smartphone functions.

Ask Ziggy can be commanded to call, text, find contacts, and send emails. It can also be asked almost any question and would find an answer for the user. But what probably may make Ask Ziggy more interesting is that users can choose between a male or a female voice for their personal assistant on their Windows Phone. And what’s more, Ask Ziggy is available for free upload for Windows Phone owners. It can be uploaded at the Windows Phone Marketplace.


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