Measured iPhone App- Your Digital Tape Measure

Written by Ardent Editor on January 6, 2012 – 3:13 pm -

People measure things all the time. But doing it manually using a tape measure can sometimes be troublesome. Just consider real estate agents, contractors, interior decorators and even DIY enthusiasts going through the trouble measuring every dimension they need for a house or a project. Not only does it take work, it can also be difficult keeping in mind all those measurements. Using a bit of technology may change that, especially with an iPhone app like Measured.

Measured is a handy iPhone app that can be used to measure almost anything just by simply taking a picture. Using a tape measure need not be necessary anymore. The app uses a user’s shoe size for reference and transforms the iPhone into a fully functional measuring tool. It becomes handy in times when one does not have a tape measure on hand or a ladder to measure something overhead.

When using Measured, one needs to take a general photo of a certain area. A second photograph is needed to determine the size of the objects found inside the photo. Once done, it can be used to take the height, width and even the distance of the objects found in the photo. Measured is a useful iPhone app to have around. It is available at the Apple App Store for US$6.


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