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Written by Ardent Editor on January 13, 2012 – 2:08 pm -

People today usually have literally hours and hours of video footage that they store on their computers and portable devices. They are usually footage of the memorable vacation trips, those unforgettable occasions, as well as those once in a lifetime gems that one may not be able to capture again. It is just unfortunate that these hours of recorded video usually end up in a certain folder, piling up over time and soon to be forgotten.

One reason why such video files end up this way is that they mostly account for raw footage. While some people may have thought once that they will someday get to trying and edit these videos and make up an entertaining footage of memorable experiences of the past, they usually never do. One good reason is that video editing takes time and it is time that most people can’t afford. But people can no longer worry about this. There’s the Magisto Automatic Video Editing App that would provide a welcome solution.

The Magisto Automatic Video Editing App is a handy and convenient tool for people to use when they have tons of video footage available but not with the time to edit them. This handy video editing app for the iPhone works by taking in all those raw video files that you have once wanted to edit but couldn’t and then automatically creates entertaining video snippets out of them. You no longer have to spend time personally video editing them yourself as the Magisto app does them for you automatically.

On a more current note, users only need to shoot videos using their iPhones, choose a sound track from Magisto’s library and create a title. Magisto then automatically scans over the footage, takes out the most exciting moments and connects them together to make a wonderfully edited video ready for sharing on your favorite social networks or video sites. What makes it even better is that the Magisto Automatic Video Editing App is available at iTunes for free. A web-based Magisto Video Editing tool is also available for those who wish to try it out online which require a sign up.


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