SnapCuts Multimedia Messaging App

Written by Ardent Editor on January 20, 2012 – 2:31 pm -

Sending out those short messages to loved ones and friends are usually limited to just text. It would surely be cool to create and share messages that include short video snippets as well. While people are able to create such messages even then, the methods available can be quite time consuming. If you ever want a quick way to create some multimedia messages that you can share and send out, then you may find the new SnapCuts Multimedia Messaging App quite useful.

The SnapCuts Messaging App makes it easier for people to create text messages and combine it with several video snippets to add color into a somewhat ordinary short message. All one needs to do is drag and drop video snippets that can be found on the SnapCuts library of video and animation snippets. Users can also create text messages and can mix them up with the video snippets.

What SnapCuts can do is automatically create a single multimedia message out of the mix of video snippets chosen and text messages made. It is as easy as dragging the clips into the Snapper area and in what order they come out. The application will do all the work of connecting them altogether. SnapCuts also makes it easy for users to share their short creations via email or on the different social networks. SnapCuts is currently available as a Web-based app for those interested to use. Soon, iPhone owners will even be able to take advantage of this app as an iPhone version may be available fro free download on iTunes sometime in February.


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