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Written by Ardent Editor on January 20, 2012 – 2:32 pm -

Using portable apps has become quite common nowadays. Not only are they portable and easily stored on a USB flash drive, there are now portable apps available for almost all of the most popular programs out there. But one of the things that can be quite a problem in using them is that people don’t usually have a means to organize them.

While portable applications are quite convenient in that they people can bring them along anywhere and run them on any PC or device, they can be quite tedious to organize. As one amasses quite a collection of such portable apps, it can be quite difficult for a user to manage all of them using a simple system. What eventually happens is that they tend to scatter around, finding it hard to locate a certain app when needed. That is why the SyMenu Portable App Organizer can be quite a handy tool to have around.

The SyMenu Portable App Organizer is a simple portable application menu launcher that helps users organize all their portable apps in a simple and easy to use system. It has a Start Search Bar that is similar to what Windows Vista offers, making it familiar for people to use. Clicking on the button also displays portable apps according to how they are linked to a PC host program. This app links them automatically to any app available on a host PC. It also presents other items such as a search bar to look for portable apps, recent items as well as other options.

The SyMenu Portable App Launcher is a simple means to help you organize your own portable apps collection. This allows you to find them easily and more conveniently whenever you want to use them. What makes the SyMenu even better is that it is available as a free download. One can download the program for free at CNet.


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