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Many computer users, especially those with Windows PC’s are well aware of what the MS Paint program is. It allows people to simply harness their creativity in making pixel art on their PC. It can also be used to manipulate digital photos and images as well. But it can be a rather basic application that only has a limited number of functions. It may lack other features that some people would want such a program to have when it comes to image manipulation or editing.

For those who might be looking for a similar program, the mtPaint 3.4 Free might be another alternative. It is also a simple painting application that can help users create pixel art or simple edit images and photos. It can be used on either a Linux or Windows OS. It was designed to help people in using a simpler tool for creating pixel art or editing and manipulating images and digital photos without using the usual photo editing heavyweight programs out there.

The mtPaint 3.4 Free is just 5.87MB in size, quite small enough for some people to download. It is so simple that it can also be used to run on older computers. But in essence, it has a bit more features than what the current Paint application may have.

The mtPaint 3.4 simple painting software can be a good tool to use for simple manipulation of your digital photos and other images. It has features to help you resize and crop your images, common features which may not be available in Paint. Other features include image transformation tools, applying effects as well as using various filters.  It also allows for loading animated GIF files as well as support loading multiple TIFF’s into layers.


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