Foster’s Fitness App

Written by Ardent Editor on February 3, 2012 – 5:04 pm -

For those who are getting seriously into fitness for the first time, getting proper instructions is always necessary. Smartphones and other capable portable devices would make it more convenient to get such instructions by connecting online. But some of the fitness regimen apps out there can offer some instructions and provide only images of some workouts. But the images can only offer so much. Here’s the Foster’s Fitness App which can offer so much more.

The Foster’s Fitness App by Muscle Prodigy LLC is a health and fitness app that features football superstar Arian Foster instructing users on the different fitness and diet regimen used for his own training as a leading running back. This iOS app will provide you with fitness and diet advice that athletes and fitness professionals follow in their training. But this time, the instructions come with accompanying videos that will guide users how to properly do the exercise programs aside from images and extensive fitness instructions.

The Foster’s Fitness App also provides users with diet guides, including meal plans that would help keep them fit and healthy which also supports an active lifestyle. It also allows users to compare their own training statistics with that of Foster’s own. Users can also create their own favorite exercise routines and personalized work outs. The Foster’s Fitness App is available at The Apple App Store for US$2.


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