Tor Browser For Anonymous Web Browsing

Written by Ardent Editor on February 10, 2012 – 12:58 pm -

Going online may seem secure and safe for many people. But by doing so, many people are sacrificing some of their personal privacy at a certain level without them even knowing it. There are many things that usually happen in the background that most people may not be aware of. Some websites now send out cookies to different users in order to keep track of their browsing habits. For those who wish to remain anonymous when visiting the Web, the Tor Browser offers them a higher level of privacy by allowing for browsing the Web anonymously.

The Tor Browser was developed mainly to help protect the privacy of users when connecting to the Web. It was primarily designed with the US Navy in mind. Its primary purpose was to protect sensitive government online communications. But now, this is made available for ordinary users who wish to remain anonymous when going online.

The Tor Browser works via a network of virtual tunnels known as the “The onion router” or “Tor” where Internet traffic is routed in order to conceal the users location. The network is composed of volunteer servers located all around the world that is effective by providing multiple encryption levels to traffic that passes through its network. The Tor Browser is essentially a client software that uses the Tor network to keep online users anonymous and maintain their privacy as well as security online.

Using the Tor Browser might require some changes in a user’s browsing habits in order to be effective. There are certain areas such as using browser add ons or plugins, opening downloaded files, and other habits that can cause Tor not to provide anonymity online all of the time. Certain configurations can also affect the effectiveness of the Tor Browser when going online. In order to make sure that configurations will not become a problem, first time users may try downloading the Tor Browser Bundle, available for free for Windows, Mac as well as Linux operating systems.


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