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Written by Ardent Editor on February 17, 2012 – 1:27 pm -

It can be quite bothersome for some people to receive an important file from a boss, friend or colleague and not have the necessary software to open it with. With various files now available in various formats, it can be a common occurrence for many people to be face with this problem at one time or another. So instead of downloading the necessary software every time you need to open a certain file format on your computer, you can instead first consider using the Universal Viewer Pro for viewing them.

The Universal Viewer Pro is a software that allows computer users to view files of almost any type of format. It is an advanced file viewer that supports most of the popular document, spreadsheet, multimedia and image formats that most people use today. Its wide range of format support makes it a useful software to have on a computer. When using the Universal Viewer Pro, one no longer needs to download any additional software in order to effectively open a certain file format.

When opening .docx, .xlsx or .pdf files, the user need not even have Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader software on their computer in order to view the files using Universal Viewer Pro. The same way goes for opening multimedia files. With the Universal Viewer Pro, users no longer need to download any other additional plug-ins or codecs in order to view files in various multimedia formats. The Universal Viewer Pro is available for free download on a 15-day trial period. After that, this file viewer is available for a US$23 purchase.  A free version is also available but will require certain installed client software in order to view certain files.


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