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There are now quite a number of mobile applications now available for many smartphone and tablet users to use. These apps aim to serve as useful tools for almost any task- from the mundane to the highly essential. And for those who love to travel, there are also apps now available for smartphones and other mobile gadgets that may help a lot to help make some of the usual travel concerns even more convenient. Here are some of the best apps that every frequent traveler should have.

FlightAware Flight Tracking App

For frequent air travelers, getting flight information is always a must. Getting updated on flight times, arrivals and departures as well as delays may be essential for a more hassle-free travel. That is why it is essential for such travelers to have the FlightAware Flight Tracking App on their mobile devices. This useful app offers users with a means to track all airline flights, including charter and private ones. This app provides a full screen tracker map along with NEXR$AD weather info. It also sends out flight updates and alerts on all airline flights as well as gate or terminal information or changes. It covers all daily flights on any of the major airports and airlines. And what’s more, the FlightAware mobile app is available for free download, with versions for iOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone also available.

TripIt Travel Organizer App

Travelers rely on organized travel itineraries to make their trips efficient as well as convenient. To make travel plans easier to organize there’s the TripIt Travel Organizer App now available for mobile users. This app can be linked to your personal or business emails that you usually use for travel. It can pick up every confirmation detail that gets to your inbox and organizes it in just one place. Users can also get updated with flight-delays and last minute changes in the same way. This app also provides useful maps of your destination, informs you of your travel schedules and other important travel info that you might need. The TripIt Travel Organizer App is available for free download for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 mobile devices.

EveryTrail GPS App

One of those concerns among travelers is that they can easily get lost along the way. The EveryTrail GPS App can help you avoid that. It is a GPS enabled app that allows users to have the means to locate wherever they are, thanks to GPS. But the app offers more than that. It also provides EveryTrail travel guides that can provide detailed info on destinations created by experts. The app also enables users to track their routes in real time using their GPS enabled phones. Users can also attach images and videos on the map instantly on their mobile device. The EveryTrail GPS App makes every traveler more assured, knowing that they won’t ever get lost on their next trip. This useful travel app is available for free download for iOS and Android mobile devices. A paid version (EveryTrail Pro) is also available with enhanced features.

AroundMe App

With travelers usually going to places that they are exploring for the first time, having a means to find important locations of their destination is necessary in order to avoid getting lost. Fortunately, there is the AroundMe App that will help provide users with this info. This app can provide any info on important places that is within the traveler’s surroundings. This app can help users find nearby banks, hotels, gas stations, restaurants, hospitals and other places within the vicinity. The info can be provided by the app either in address form or in its location on a map and a given route on getting there. The info can also be conveniently emailed to a friend. This app may be helpful for those who wish to conveniently find some of the essential locations needed that are within the traveler’s surroundings. The AroundMe App is available for the iPhone and the iPad for free download.


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