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As tablets and smartphones becoming more and more popular, they become the focus from which most of the daily tasks of people start from. Aside from that, they also increasingly become more useful than ever, with apps being developed for almost any possible task. Not only do they become a handy tool for adults, even kids and toddlers have become quite interested in them.

Nowadays, kids and toddlers now are quite familiar with smartphones and tablets. Surprisingly, kids even at such a young age have easily gotten quite accustomed of using them. This makes smartphones and tablets a very convenient teaching tool to use for kids and toddlers. And sure enough, there is now a rising market for applications that cater to kids and toddlers. Here are just some of those available:

Dexteria Motor Skill Development App

One of the first things that toddlers learn is by trying to develop their motor skills. Learning how to move and control their hands becomes an important facet of further learning to explore their surroundings. There’s the Dexteria app available at the App Store that can help toddlers and even adults learn how to develop their motor skills, especially their hand coordination and control.

The Dexteria app provides easy to follow therapeutic hand exercises that help develop fine motor skills and handwriting readiness in kids. The exercises are fairly easy that even toddlers can follow. Their benefits can be seen with regular use, eve on short sessions. The app also comes with an automatic tracking and reporting features that makes it easy for parents to keep track of their toddler’s progress. The app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad tablet for around US$5.

Tic Toc Color App

One of the more challenging things to teach toddlers is how to tell time on an analog clock. One problem is because of the kid’s short attention span. Teach your kid how to tell time the fun way by using the Tic Toc Color app.

The Tic Toc Color app offers a lively and engaging means of teaching toddlers how to tell the time. It makes use of 3 fully animated clocks that the ids can color and interact with. It comes with a learning game to keep the kids interested while trying to learn about telling time. Geared for kids 3 and up, the Tic Toc Color app is available for download at the Apple App Store for US$1.

A+ Blocks App

Toddlers would also need to develop how to distinguish shapes. One way to help them in this regard is by having an app like the A+ Blocks. This app helps kids identify different shapes, colors and even position. Toddlers play to complete the drawing. Kids can also interact by changing the colors and dragging the shapes and place them at the right spot. The game progresses with the shapes also turned around into different positions for some added challenge. The interaction with the touchscreen display also helps kids develop their fine motor skills. The A+ Blocks app is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad for a US$1 download at the App Store.

Zoo Train App

If the kid now needs to learn about letters and words, the Zoo Train app may provide an ideal means of teaching using the iPad or the iPhone. The app comes with 5 fun and engaging games revolving around the alphabet and letters, word construction, musical notes recognition as well as distinguishing shapes and patterns. These games come while adding some bit of fun using animals and trains to educate the toddler the fun way. The Zoo Train app is available at the Apple App Store for a US$2 download.


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