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Written by Ardent Editor on February 24, 2012 – 3:46 pm -

Digital cameras today now make it easier for people to capture memorable images wherever they go. Even smartphones now have built-in cameras to make this even easier. But probably what these digital cameras can’t do is try to fuse different individual images of friends and colleagues and create a group picture out of them. For this, the GroupShot App may be needed.

The GroupShot App is a unique and special application that can perform what may seem to be magic to your pictures. It can help you create better group pictures by giving you the ability to replace and edit parts which don’t seem to belong in an otherwise perfect group picture. This app is fairly easy to use despite the magic that it can perform into your group photos.

What the GroupShot app needs is several group photos that you capture with your smartphone or even from a digital camera that you uploaded to your portable mobile device. You choose a primary picture that you think might need some changes. All the user needs to do is to rub on the area on the images that you wish to replace, usually the face of a subject or even a whole body. You then choose another face or body from other of the uploaded images you have to replace them. Once done, you can wait for the GroupShot app to do its magic and what you will end up is a group picture that you would have really wanted to have instead of the original picture. The GroupShot app is available for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. It is available at the App Store for US$1.


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