Dolphin Sonar Lets You Browse With Your Voice

Written by Ardent Editor on March 2, 2012 – 1:15 pm -

With the emergence of the Siri app on the iPhone 4S, voice interaction with devices has suddenly become the vogue. While it might just be considered in its early stages, there are now other similar applications being introduced in the market that would certainly help bring more improvements. One of those being introduced recently is the Dolphin Sonar, a new addition to the Dolphin Browser HD, alternative mobile browser designed for Android devices.

The Dolphin Sonar has recently been added into the Dolphin Browser HD mobile Web browser for Android. It provides this alternative Web browser with the means to accept voice commands. With Dolphin Browser, Android users may be able to browse the Web using voice commands by tapping on the microphone button to activate Dolphin Sonar. You can then talk to the browser if you want to “Google” something or any other similar tasks that you want the browser to do for you on the Web. It is quite a unique feature for a mobile Web browser that may not just be available on other similar browsers in the market today. The Dolphin Sonar is now available for downloading the Dolphin Browser HD at the Android Market.


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