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Written by Ardent Editor on March 2, 2012 – 1:41 pm -

Web design still remains to be quite a very technical undertaking. For the most part, those who wish to build websites may need to gather enough knowledge and expertise in order to efficiently build one. But thanks to software like Sitoo Web, people no longer have to worry about their level of web design knowledge in order to build a good website. This Web Design tool allows people to create web pages without any of the programming required.

The Sitoo Web is a useful tool for those who wish to build websites but may have limited knowledge in building one. There are people who have a vivid image of how a website would look like but don’t have the expertise to make one. The Sitoo Web tool will help them build one even from scratch without having to study web design first before dabbling on a web page.

The Sitoo Web makes use of a built-in graphical rendering engine that allows users to create menu buttons, image effects and more when building websites. It also comes with a built-in Advanced Page Generator that helps keep track on the entire website in an instant. Even if you wish to modify or edit an existing website, it is possible with Sitoo Web using only the existing website’s URL. From designing, creating consistent multiple web pages, SEO to publishing, Sitoo Web makes it easy for either the novice or experienced web designer. Sitoo Web is available for a free trial download or at a purchase price of US$599.


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