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It’s tax season once more and people are busy doing their tax returns in time for the April 15 deadline.  There are some who might be quite busy to sit down for long periods at home and go over their taxes. Some may even try to do it at the office just to find time. And for those who are always moving, it pays to have a tax tool to have handy when commutes may allow you to go over your taxes. Here are the best free tax tool apps that you may want to have on your smartphone or tablet.

TurboTax SnapTax

This free app can essentially help you go through the process of submitting a 1040EZ form for those who are single, make less than 100k annually and has no dependents. The app can capture the info needed from your W-2 to get the info you need by lining it up and snapping a photo from your smartphone. It then asks you some simple questions and get your form ready for filing. The TurboTax SnapTax is a free app available for the iPhone and Android. But it may cost the user US$20 to e-file the completed form to the IRS.

TurboTax iPad App

For those who needs to file more than just a 1040EZ, they might use the TurboTax app for the iPad. This app can provide users with sound tax advice for free. It can also handle those tax filings where rental property, a small business or investments are involved. The app helps iPad users go over the tax preparation process step by step. The app is free for download on the iPad. But a charge of $30 may be required for filing the federal tax return and an additional $37 for state tax filing.

TaxSlayer Refund Calculator App

The TaxSlayer Refund Calculator app allows users to estimate their tax refund while providing some required personal data. The app then provides an accurate estimate of your tax refund. It is available for free download for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

MyTaxRefund App

MyTaxRefund is an app that was developed by TurboTax to help provide taxpayers with a way to keep updated on the status of their tax refunds. The app allows taxpayers to check on the status of both their federal and state returns. Users will be able to know whether they are accepted, rejected or pending. The app will require users to input their Social Security number and zip code in order to keep track of the tax refunds through the IRS. The MyTaxRefund app is available for free download for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


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