TNEF’s Enough Winmail.dat Decoder For Mac PC

Written by Ardent Editor on March 16, 2012 – 10:26 am -

What can be quite irritating about using computers having different operating systems is that they file formats that they use are not always compatible with each other. This leads to important files becoming unreadable when being sent across different PC platforms. In the case of Mac’s, even receiving “winmail.dat” files coming from Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Server may have some hassles. One would need to have a decoder like the TNEF’s Enough.

TNEF’s Enough is a useful winmail.dat decoder that can be used for Mac’s. It can be used to read and extract files sourced out from the Microsoft TNEF stream files. These types of files are used in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange and can only be viewed complete with features and all on their environment. But reading the files from a Mac won’t be possible.

The TNEF’s Enough allows MAC users to be able to extract and read files when receiving a MIME attachment usually named winmail.dat. It can also be set to work automatically whenever a winmail.dat is dropped into its Dock icon. It may be important for Mac users who usually find themselves receiving such attachments. Although some people can leave such attachments alone, they might sometimes contain important attachments within, hence the need to open it. That is where the TNEF’s Enough decoder may be quite useful to the MAC user. This useful application for MAC users is available for free download at developer Josh Jacob’s website.


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