Maxthon 3 Web Browser

Written by Ardent Editor on March 23, 2012 – 4:34 pm -

Although most people would not really care that much about what they use as a Web browser, what they possibly care about is loading speed. And usability. And features. Well, there are people that do care what they use as a Web browser. One of the recent ones to come out and announced improved features is the Maxthon 3 Web Browser.

The Maxthon 3 Web Browser may be one of those browsers that most people may have never heard about. It must be because the big 3 or 4 Web browsers out there simply have better features, presumably speaking. But this new Maxthon 3 Browser may just have another advantage in its stead this time. It is said that the new version is 200 percent faster than Google Chrome.

Yes, Maxthon 3 is said to come with a browser engine faster than the fastest current popular browser in the Google Chrome. This new browser also comes with easy to used features, doing away with all the clutter to give users a simpler and more convenient browsing experience. It also has other features that some Web browsers today may not yet have.

The Maxthon 3 allows users to do multiple sessions in the same browser. This means that users may be able to log in to multiple accounts of the same site using just the Maxthon 3. This versatile browser also has a split screen feature, allowing users to view two different websites in a single browser window. There are also other useful extensions that can further make using the Maxthon 3 Web Browser fun and convenient. It is available for free download at the Maxthon website. There are also versions available of the browser for Android smartphones and tablets.


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