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Written by Ardent Editor on March 23, 2012 – 4:31 pm -

Smartphones and tablets have increasingly become the devices that people can’t live without. In the same way, it is where most people are now doing most of their daily tasks. From playing games to communicating with others, these portable devices are also increasingly becoming a means to shop for things. There are now a number of marketplace apps that are suddenly getting some traction. One of them that’s recently been introduced is the Mint Market.

The Mint Market is a marketplace app that allows people to shop and purchase certain items in its virtual marketplace. But one thing that makes it stand out from the rest of those online markets is that it only lists a wide range of items, from clothing to gadgets and even tickets, as long as they are new or in mint condition, hence the name. It ensures that the online shoppers need not have to browse through interesting mint condition items amid a flood of old, battered and useless junk.

Mint Market offers users some useful features such as sorting items by price, type, new or nearby. It also allows users to sell their own mint condition items over the market. It is quite a useful app for those who are increasingly using their portable devices to shop. The Mint Market is available fore free download for both iOS and Android devices.


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