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Written by Ardent Editor on March 30, 2012 – 3:47 pm -

With the increasing popularity of gadgets like the tablet and smartphones, it has become quite rare for people to use paper anymore. Almost all of their communications and other tasks are now being done digitally. But if there is one thing that people still use paper for is by jotting down that brief spark of imagination and creativity. And what do you know? Even such task can even be done in a tablet, thanks to the Paper iPad app.

Quite appropriately named, the Paper iPad app is just like any other paper you can use, only it’s digital. People can write, sketch, draw, anything you want to do on a paper. This iPad app is designed to be as simple as clutter free, designed with touch to give users the feel of actually writing on paper. Sketches, drawings and illustrations are automatically saved as digital files, ready to share to friends and colleagues online. The Paper iPad app is, by putting it simply, piece of blank digital paper set on a tablet. A digital sketch pad if you will. It is available for free download at the iTunes Store.

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