Data Rescue PC 3

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It is a common problem for people to experience sudden disk disasters that can cause their files to be corrupted or sometimes unable to open. This can be quite serious for those who require the files for an important project or need it for work. In cases where hard disk disasters are involved, Data Rescue PC 3 data recovery software might be able to help.

The Data Rescue PC 3 is a data recovery software that can help restore or retrieve important and essential files in a variety of hard disk problems as well as for a large variety of devices. The Data Rescue PC 3 software can be used to retrieve data and restore files from formatted hard drives, altered partitions, RAID arrays and even from portable devices connected to the PC via USB or Firewire. It is also not OS dependent so this software can usually work for all versions of Windows, from the oldest down to the latest version.

The Data Rescue PC3 might be able to restore or recover your files if they have not been written over on the hard disk or if the hard disk that stores them isn’t physically damaged yet. It can save a wide variety of files- from documents, images, audio, video and financial data. The software also comes with a disk cloner that can create an exact image of the damaged hard disk and where users can safely pull files from instead of the actual damaged disk.

If you think that a sudden disk disaster on your PC would be the end of you and the files that they contain, you can always have the Data Rescue PC 3 to give you that last important option to recover them. This last resort may just help ease your worries knowing that all your files may not yet be lost and there is still a chance to recover them. The Data Rescue PC 3 data recovery software is available at ProSoft for US$49.


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