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Written by Ardent Editor on May 4, 2012 – 12:52 pm -

For every parent, protecting their child from the dangers that lurk in the online world is always important. With the Web being so open with fewer restrictions, leaving a small child going online can usually be dangerous. That is why child filtering software like Bsecure Online has become quite essential for parents who have high regard for their child’s safety especially in the digital world.

Bsecure Online is an Internet filtering software that allows parents to set limits on what their kids can view and see on the computer, especially on the Web. It provides certain controls that allow parents to filter what type of websites their kids are able to access when connected to the web. Bsecure Online is effective in blocking websites that fall into 61 categories. This requires parents to choosing the set of limits they wish for their kids based on their age profiles.

Bsecure also makes it possible for parents to monitor the different accounts in the background. In the case of media and video games, Bsecure Online can also be an effective filter. It can block the use of games that are being based on their ESRB rating. Bsecure Online can also control what the kids can watch over Hulu and Netflix based on their MPAA ratings. Bsecure Online also provides filtering option for any device that connects to the home network. It also includes integrated Mobile Filtering Apps for iOS and Android devices. Bsecure Online is available for US$50.


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