MobiStealth Pro 2012

Written by Ardent Editor on May 11, 2012 – 1:07 pm -

Parents nowadays have an increasing concern of having to know just what their kid’s may be doing online. With child predators and other dangers lurking on the Web, parents have a good reason to keep their kid’s safe by limiting their access to the Web. And with Internet access now even possible through smartphones and tablets, parents need monitoring software all the more such as what the MobiStealth Pro 2012 parental control software for smartphones.

The MobiStealth Pro 2012 parental control software is a monitoring application specifically designed for smartphones. It will allow parents to keep track of their kid’s activities when using the mobile phone. This monitoring application allows parents to monitor their child’s cell phone activities such as the calls, text messages they make as well as their online activities. Parents can even listen in to all calls made on a monitored cell phone. Parents can even keep track of the cell phone’s location all the time.

Parent’s can also use the MobiStealth Pro 2012 monitoring software to activate the cell phone microphone to eavesdrop on the phone’s surroundings. As to a kid’s online activity, the monitoring software also allows parents to view the entire Web browsing history made on a monitored phone. All these can be done in stealth mode, monitoring all activities without the kid’s knowledge. The MobiStealth Pro 2012 parental control software for cell phones is available for the current cell phone models in the market with prices ranging from US$80 to US$150, depending on the number of months the monitoring software is to be used.


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