Cipher Sender Android App

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Text messages have become a primary means of both direct and indirect communication among people in this tech-savvy world. For some, text messages are sent for fun while for others, they are meant for just their recipients and no one else. For the latter group of people who, by any chance also own an Android smartphone, the Cipher Sender would be a great app for those text messages sent in total secrecy.

The Cipher Sender Android App puts some bit of cloak and dagger stuff in your collection of apps. What this app does is allow you to send text messages to friends in code. This app comes with several of the most popular ciphers and codes used throughout history. Recipients of the coded messages may also need to have the app in order to read or decipher the messages. It is quite a simple yet a fun way to send your messages in code so that no one else can read them. Whether you are a spy, a secretive chap, or just a plain tech-savvy guy who just wants to send out coded text messages for fun, then this app is for you. The Cipher Sender app for Android is available at Google Play for free download.

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