Alarm Security System iPhone App

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When it comes to the mobile phone, some people just would want to keep its contents safe and secure from prying eyes. But sometimes friends will try to get their hands on your iPhone and would just playfully swipe through the photos or other contents. If you are quite irritated by this but can say anything to stop some friends from doing it, you can always get the Alarm Security System app if you have an iPhone.

The Alarm Security System iPhone App is an added security feature that you can have for your smartphone, but in a fun way. First, you can set a passcode in order to activate the alarm to lock your phone. The app will automatically lock it whenever you put it face down or place it in your pocket. When it is taken out of your pocket or when someone tries to key in the incorrect passcode, a loud siren will sound, alerting you if someone is trying to access your phone, be it a friend or someone else. In case of a friend, they will learn a lesson and will probably avoid doing it next time.

The Alarm Security System iPhone App also comes with a Full Mode where it will sound an alarm even if moved even slightly. It can also be made to display a certain badge on the screen to let you know that it has been touched, especially in instances when you are separated from your phone for a while. The Alarm Security System app is available at the Apple App Store for a $1 download.

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