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Written by Ardent Editor on May 24, 2012 – 2:39 pm -

With tablets and smartphones nowadays, it is easy for people to accumulate quite a number of apps over time. How these apps can sometimes affect the device is something that remains hidden from many device owners. For those who wish to know more about how the different apps may affect their device as well as their privacy, the Clueful App may provide some helpful insights.

The Clueful App can help iPhone and iPad users with the means to determine if the apps that they have downloaded may be sifting through their private data. There have been certain apps that are recently discovered to be going though data found in your phone or tablet without your expressed permission to do so. Clueful may be able to help give you an idea if those apps that you’ve downloaded may be doing the same thing.

Clueful works by telling you which apps may be going through your contacts, address book, or even keeping track of your location or browsing habits. It will alert you so that you can change your settings or even uninstall those apps if need be. Clueful can even used to check apps if they are malware, go through your data or keeps tracking you and many other things before you ever download them. It is available at the Apple App Store for a $4 download.

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