Namexif Photo Renaming Software

Written by Ardent Editor on June 1, 2012 – 11:37 am -

Many people now own digital cameras, making it easy for them to capture memorable photos at work, at home or on vacation. But what may probably be a problem for most people comes afterwards when they need to check back on their photos. It is too bad that most digital cameras store photos with file names that make them difficult to keep track of or even distinguish from the many other photos stored without looking into the images one by one. For those who wish a better means of keeping track of their digital camera photos, the Namexif Photo Renaming Software may offer some help.

The Namexif Photo Renaming Software is a useful program that can automatically rename those digital camera photos from their generic indistinguishable filenames to one that contains the year, month, day, minute and even second when the photos were taken. The program does this by looking into the EXIF data of each photo, which a digital camera uses to affix on each photo using its own clock. This allows the digital camera owners to have a way to group or place the photos in chronological order, making them easier to organize and recall.

The Namexif Photo Renaming Software is a small but very useful tool to use by casual photographers who are fond of taking pictures in bunches. Even professional photographers may find it very useful. What’s more, it is available as a free download so there’s no harm it trying it out if you are looking for a way to organize all of those digital camera photos stored over the years.


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