VORG Express Organizer Software

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People can get inundated with too much data and information over a period of time. Without proper organization and management, people can easily lose out on valuable information whenever it is needed. Organizer software like VORG Express can help people manage their personal information and data to give some sense of order to them and make them easy to retrieve when needed.

The VORG Express Organizer Software is a PIM or Personal Information Manager program that allows users to better organize their personal information that may be essential for their businesses and professional careers. VORG Express comes with an Outlook style user interface with menus found on the left side.  There are entries for managing contacts, tasks, reports, documents and calendars. This PIM also comes with a Task Management system that allows users to keep track of their tasks or that of other people and monitor the progress from start to finish.

VORG Express also has a calendar feature that allows users to schedule tasks, events, and reminders that can also be viewed in daily, weekly and monthly views which can also be printed as well.  Its Document Management feature allows users to upload a wide range of files, from photos, music, rich text documents to even spreadsheets. The software also comes with Vorgspaces which allows users to organize their data visually by creating diagrams.

VORG Express is an essential program for those who wish to have that means to organize and manage personal data and information. What makes it even more enticing is that VORG Express is available for free download at Vertikal Systems. Since it’s free, there’s no reason now why you can’t start organizing important personal information and related data before they ever become too overwhelming to do so.


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