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Written by Ardent Editor on June 8, 2012 – 5:36 pm -

People now use their smartphones and tablets to go online and explore the wonderful world of the Web. But while they now have the time to go online and surf even while mobile, they can’t usually always take all the time to read everything that they find interesting in the Web. For those using iOS devices, the Instapaper app would provide an ideal method for iPhone or iPad users to keep track of the interesting things they find on the Web and have the option to read it entirely later on.

The Instapaper is a way for iOS device users to keep track of their favorite Web discoveries and check them up later. You can consider it as a bookmarking app, only better. That is because Instapaper  stores the Webpage marked- headline, text, images- and then allows users to read them later, even when offline. That makes it quite convenient of an app to have, especially for serious Web surfers who have a lot of things to read online but do not find the time to do so in just one sitting. The Instapaper iOS app is available at the App Store for a $5 download.


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