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Written by Ardent Editor on June 8, 2012 – 6:04 pm -

The need to gather and store more data and information has led to the development of larger and faster hard drives. Aside from that, people and businesses should also consider secondary backup solutions for the huge amount of collected data in case the hard drives themselves or the PC that runs them malfunctions and rendered unusable. In such cases, online backup solutions like SOS Online Backup provide a very credible answer to address such problems.

The SOS Online Backup allows companies or even just common PC users have that means to provide a secondary source to access their valuable data in case the primary source becomes ineffective. SOS Online Backup is primarily a cloud-based data storage service allowing you to safeguard your valuable files and data collected over the years to a separate and outside server. It offers a safe and secure data backup and storage service that is considered one of the fastest today in terms of data transfer speeds.

The service is backed by military grade security to ensure that the backup data remains secure and protected from threats and other unwanted elements interested in getting them. The service also offers convenient file sharing capability and also provides support and access from iOS or Android devices. A single account can be used to store data from up to 5 PC’s or devices. With these features and more, SOS Online Backup provides a convenient and safe backup service for people who find great value in the data and digital information that they collect over a period of time. Pricing for the service starts at $15/PC/month, depending on the length of service as well as the data backup capacity required.


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