DOVICO Timesheet Time Tracking Software

Written by Ardent Editor on June 15, 2012 – 5:47 pm -

In any business that comes with a handful of employees on the payroll, it is always important for the business owner to effectively keep track of their work times in order to determine not only their efficiency and performance but also in computing their wages. One of the more essential business software most businesses will need include a good time tracking and management software. One of the best ones available out there is the DOVICO Timesheet Time Tracking Software.

DOVICO Timesheet is a powerful time tracking software that contains several tools that can help businesses get the most out of the time being spent each day. It can be used as an employee timesheet tracker that can monitor employee working times, including time spent on sick or vacation leave. It can also monitor time and expense entry for billing. This powerful software also provides businesses with a number of reporting options that can be used to gather data to monitor stats about employees, expenses, tasks, attendance, time, budget and more.

The DOVICO Timesheet software organizes its features in 5 different sections, namely, My Time and Expenses, Approval Workspace, Employees and Projects, Project Planning and Reports Explorer. It is a web-based application making it convenient to use and access anywhere there is an Internet connection. But using the DOVICO Timesheet may take some bit of training in order to fully utilize its different features and functions. The DOVICO website provides a number of informative training modules that will help business users understand the powerful features of this time tracking and management software. The DOVICO Timesheet is available at DOVICO software for around US$162 for an annual license of using the Web based application.


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