Yardsale iPhone App

Written by Ardent Editor on June 29, 2012 – 4:22 pm -

Yardsales are pretty common sights around the community during the summer. It is the time when people take an inventory of what they can do away and sell of the items that they have around the house. But sometimes people will find just a single item or two worth selling, which may be not enough to hold an actual yardsale. But what an iPhone user can probably do to dispatch an item or two and find buyers for it in the area is download this Yardsale App.

The Yardsale App for the iPhone is a pretty convenient app for those who wish to sell something easily and more conveniently. Users only need to take a picture of the item, add a brief description, set the price and then share it through Facebook and Twitter right on the app. It also lists the items for sale every time you open the app. What makes it unique is that the app makes use of the phone’s GPS to present items that are on sale in your neighborhood. The Yardsale iPhone app acts as a broker to help you sell an item or two without having to break a sweat as with planning actual yardsales. This app is available for free download at the App Store.


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