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Written by Ardent Editor on July 6, 2012 – 5:26 pm -

Some people just like taking photos of just about everything. With portable devices like the iPhone that now have built-in cameras, photography just becomes even more convenient for people to do. For iPhone users who believe that their iPhone photos are even good enough to sell, Foap might just be able to help.

Foap is a new app for the iPhone that gives budding photographers a chance to sell their images in a more convenient manner. This new photo application makes it possible for iPhone photographers to sell their images directly into the Foap Market. This will make those images available for companies who might find of good use for them and then buy them. It can be an interesting source of revenue for those budding iPhone photographers, knowing that their iPhone photos has a ready market to sell them in.

The Foap app is available for free download at the App Store. But while the market is there, each image passed still has to go through an approval process in order for the photos to be posted in the Foap Market.  Once included, the photos are sold at US$10, with half going to Foap and the other half to the photographer. The Foap iPhone app can help iPhone users turn those photos into cash. The fact that it is available for free download makes it an even irresistible deal for photographers who own an iPhone.

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