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Taking pictures with smartphones seems to be the most convenient picture taking activity nowadays. They seem to make the use of those digital cameras look somewhat obsolete. But the problem with using a smartphone to take pictures is that it can be hard to be a part of the picture if you are the one holding it, not to mention the jittery captures as a result of shaky hands. The same experience may happen to those who use digital cameras as well. But for iPhone users, these problems may be resolved by having the vapp iPhone app.

The vapp iPhone app is a unique photo taking application that allows iPhone users to trigger the camera simply by using their voice. iPhone users can place their smartphone to set up a shot, come into the picture, and then make a sound to set the camera trigger automatically. The trigger level can be set so that the shutter will activate to different levels of sound. The iPhone’s flash will flicker just after the shot to indicate that a shot was taken without having to check out the screen. There is also a 3-second delay setting which will fire the camera trigger 3 seconds after the appropriate sound was made. It is a unique way to take pictures while eliminating the shaky trigger finger as well as always including you as part of the picture when taking iPhone shots. The vapp iPhone app is available for free download at the App Store

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