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Written by Ardent Editor on November 8, 2012 – 8:58 pm -

With the smartphone becoming a popular image capturing tool nowadays, it has led to a wide selection of image editing apps have now proliferated the app space. After all, it would be more convenient to edit photos right from the device that captured them. The EasyFocus app for Android devices, for example, provides unique effects that would help transform photos into something that would seem taken by more advanced digital cameras.

The EasyFocus Android app provides smartphone users with the means to give their photos those unique effects that are usually possible only when using SLR cameras to capture photos. Such effects include the focus and defocus effects that give images a unique depth. Aside from the usual photo editing features, this app offers a number of focus effects that can be applied to photos such as circular focus, rectangular focus or selective focus modes. The app also comes with photo enhancement features that can make those dull photos look especially vibrant. The EasyFocus app for Android devices is a useful photo-editing app for those who wish to give their photos that SLR treatment even if they were just taken using the smartphone or tablet. This useful app is available at Google Play for free download.

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