Epic Privacy Browser

Written by Ardent Editor on January 24, 2014 – 4:45 pm -

Epic Privacy Browser

When you go online, you seem to automatically give your privacy away. There are background programs that try to record your online visits with every website you check out. There is the risk of visiting websites that take note of your location and use that information for different purposes. All these happen in the background and without you knowing it. Because of this, online privacy has become somewhat of a valuable luxury. While not everyone may be that bothered by this, others see this subtle invasion of privacy as alarming. If you are one who likes privacy even when going online, using the Epic Privacy Browser may help provide that to a certain extent.

The Epic Privacy Browser is not just a typical web browser. Its default settings are designed to give you some online privacy. It does not allow plug-ins and blocks third-party cookies. The web browser also does not keep track of your online history, giving you privacy in terms of not letting others know about the websites you visit. With a click of a button, you can even redirect your Web browser to go through Epic’s built-in proxy, effectively hiding your IP address.

The Epic Privacy Browser is built using the Chromium platform, if you have used Google Chrome browser before, you may already be familiar with the Epic Chrome Browser. Another way that this Web browser treasures your privacy is by keeping your search queries private. The Epic Privacy Browser’s search page can let you search without trying to guess what you are typing. While its search page indicates that it is powered by the world’s leading search engines, the browser does not give away information to those search engines. It also does not send referrer data to websites when you click on the links. Each query gets routed to Epic’s proxy server, maintaining your privacy. You can download it for free if you like to maintain your privacy when you surf on the Web.


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