INKredible iPad App

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inkcredible ipad app

The iPad has become the chosen tablet people use as a multimedia and entertainment device. People use it for reading, watching videos, listening to music, surf the Web and send messages online. But while the iPad may do all these things, there are some things that it may lack doing. One of them is handwriting. While many people would love to type their messages, there are others who prefer using their own handwriting for a special and unique touch. The iPad alone may not provide this feature to users. Downloading the INKcredible iPad app will.

The INKcredible iPad app is a unique application that allows iPad users to write on the tablet screen by hand using a stylus. But the app does more than that. It also provides a number of tools that help users enjoy certain features that they do not when writing on actual paper. There are tools such as cropping, select, erase, drag and drop, and a host of other useful tools that make tablet writing even more convenient than writing or drawing on paper. The app also provides other features such as a color palette to change the ink color used.

The INKcredible iPad app provides a great writing experience on a tablet. Users may compare it to writing on actual paper without the waste. It is an ideal substitute for people who prefer to write or draw by hand. It is available at the Apple iTunes for free download.


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