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threes ios app

People readily associate numbers with math. People who find math hard will surely not be interested in math games. But there is a new numbers game for iOS devices that many people will find addicting, even those who do not like numbers. It is called Threes! iOS app.

The Threes! iOS app is a new fun game about numbers. But before you even think it is not the game for you, Threes! is not about solving math problems. This game app is a simple numbers matching game with a twist. The main objective of the game is to match the same numbers that are in multiples of three. The numbers appear on the board one as a time. As the player moves the numbers across the board with a swipe, more numbers appear. Players need to match the same number tiles adjacent to each other by swiping them together. This will automatically combine the same number tiles into one along with becoming a sum of the two matching numbers. Combining two 3’s will make a 6 tile. Combine two 6’s to make a twelve and so on and so forth.

The main objective of the game is to continue combining similar numbered tiles together. There are also add touches such as a blue tile for 1’s and a pink tile for 2’s. Players can combine the pink and blue tiles since they add up to 3. As you swipe through the board, there is also an indicator above that will show the next tile about to come up. A swipe will introduce a new numbered tile as long as there is space. Where there are no longer adjacent numbers to match together or room for a new tile on the board, then the game is over. Scores add up the more numbers you combine. The challenge heightens when players begin to have higher numbered tiles on the board. Planning on how to swipe on the board and place the matching high numbers side by side to combine them becomes the main challenge. The higher numbered tiles you match, the higher your score becomes.

Threes! is a game that is easier to understand when you begin to play it. But once you start playing with this interesting game app, it is hard to put down. Players can easily get addicted to it, making it a great way to spend some of your downtime. The Threes! iOS app is available at the Apple App Store for a $2 download.

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