Chatterpix Kids iOS App

Written by Ardent Editor on February 15, 2014 – 10:29 pm -

Chatterpix Kids app

Kids love to take pictures. They even know how to use portable devices with built-in cameras, even at an early age. Kids can easily get creative as they learn to take pictures often. Not only that, they can now even present their pictures in more creative ways by using the Chatterpix Kids app for iOS devices.

The Chatterpix Kids app can be a handy and fun tool to use along with photography. No, it does not make pictures look better. It makes them fun. That is because this app is capable of making any picture “speak”. All kids need to do is take a photo of a friend, a colleague or even pets that they want to use the app on. Once a picture is ready, they open it using the Chatterpix Kids app and then draw a line to make an outline of the mouth. Kids then only need to record a voice using the app, and then watch the picture chatter.

The Chatterpix Kids iOS app comes with 22 stickers, 10 frames and 11 photo filters to work its magic making pictures talk. It is a simple and yet useful and fun app for kids to play with. They can get creative by making a pet dog or pet cat talk. Even dolls will be able to talk using the Chatterpix Kids iOS app. The possibilities can only be limited by a child’s imagination. This fun iOS app is available at the App Store for free download.


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