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Written by Ardent Editor on April 14, 2014 – 4:59 pm -

Duck Duck Go

Going online nowadays is no longer as safe as before, especially for kids. No, it is not just the virus and malware that people have to worry about. There is also a bigger concern about information mining. Data mining has become a popular way for some companies online to gather and collect customer or individual profiles without people knowing about it. Even search engines try to collect data from its users including his or her physical location, IP address, search terms used and many more. All this happens on the background without the user knowing about it. For people who are not comfortable with such methods of data mining and collection, using the Duck DuckGo search browser may be an ideal alternative.

The DuckDuckGo search browser is an Internet search engine that works differently from most of the popular search engines today. It is an ideal alternative search engine because it does not store any personal or private information about its users. It emphasizes user privacy as an important feature of its search engine.

Aside from using its DuckDuckBot as the search engine’s source for indexing search results, it also has developed partnerships with other directories and sites such as Yahoo!, Wolfram Alpha, Bing and Search BOSS as other supplementary search result searches. This search engine avoids providing search results based on a user’s search profile like what other search engines do. It provides the same search results for all its users based on the same search terms. If you wish to protect your own privacy and do not want online companies and sites from mining personal information, you can use DuckDuckGo the next time you try to make a search online.



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