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With the availability of smartphones and tablets, it is easier and more convenient for people to do things on the go. Many apps are available that provide people with the means to do a variety of tasks using their portable device. With its features, people now find it easy to take pictures as well as short video clips virtually anywhere. It even makes it more convenient for people to share it to friends and family online. If you are an iOS device user and fond of taking short video clips and sharing them online, getting the Cinematic iOS app will be a good decision.

The Cinamatic iOS app is a useful tool for editing and creating videos to great effect. While Instagram has made the retro style quite popular among many people, the same cannot be said about video clips. Even though Instagram has also entered into the realm of sharing video clips, the effects that users can choose from are somewhat limited. This is where the new Cinamatic iOS app will aim to address.

The Cinamatic iOS app helps users create interesting short videos out of the many clips they have recorded. It offers a convenient way to create engaging and beautiful video clips worth sharing online. User start by recording a 5 to 15 second video. Using the Cinamatic app, people can then choose from a variety of video filters available that will help provide some personality to an otherwise ordinary video clip. This app even allows users to create 70’s quality video clips and then share it online. There are era-inspired effects that help transform the short clips into something that seems like taken well into the past. All it takes is a choice of a certain filter with a touch and the app will do all the processing to transform the video clips. The app also includes the means to share the finished product to Vine, Instagram or Facebook. For added features, users can also opt to get additional filters from the shop. The Cinamatic iOS app is a no-nonsense video editing app for people who prefer convenience over advanced features. It is available at the App Store for a $2 download.



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