Paperama iOS App

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Paperama App

The art of origami always has that certain appeal to a lot of people. Folding paper to create beautiful objects looks interesting and fascinating to try. But like most other things, people only have the patience to keep up with such a sometimes complex and delicate art. Some people need quite a lot of paper sheets before ever completing a single origami figure. People now have a convenient alternative available if wasting paper sheets is not part of their idea of good fun. There is the Paperama iOS app for the iPhone and the iPad that people can try out.

The Paperama app introduces iPhone and iPad users to the wonderful world of origami. The app features an amazing and realistic 3D paper folding technology. Users will feel that they are folding real paper with every swipe on the touch screen. Although folding real paper offer a more tactile experience, this app offers the next best thing for fun and enjoyment.

Origami objects are presented as a puzzle that users will try to solve given a set number of folds to accomplish. There are more than 70 puzzles available for users to try out. The app also features a hint system to help players solve the puzzles. The game comes with a lovely soundtrack to accompany puzzle solving. The Paperama app helps introduce people to origami in a unique and fun way. It is available for free download at the Apple App Store.

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